Calling All Inventors

Lucky Dog Films is currently casting for the Food Network Television series "Invention Hunters" featuring inventors and their food-related inventions.

If you think you have an invention that would be a good fit for the show and you want us to consider featuring it in one of our episodes then fill out the submission form below.


1. Your invention should be, at minimum, patent-pending.

2. You must have a real working prototype.

3. You need an outgoing personality and be comfortable appearing on TV.

If you think you and your invention has what it takes, please complete the submission form below. Someone will be in touch shortly.


First Name
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What is the name of your invention?
How does your invention work?
How did you come up with the idea?
Is your invention patented?
We require a working prototype, do you have one?
Tell us a little about yourself.
How did you hear about us?
Attach a photo of your invention here.
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Where can we see a video of you and your invention? (example: YouTube, Vimeo, Website, etc.)
By submitting this form you allow Lucky Dog Films, LLC to use this information for casting purposes. Yes

Created by Lucky Dog Films, LLC for the sole purpose of casting for Food Network's television series "Invention Hunters." 


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